Router Bits

Router bits made of polycrystalline diamond, tungsten carbide and solid tungsten carbide

Wirutex hi-tech tools boasts a wide range of router bits for CNC machining centres with cutting edges made of polycrystalline diamond (DP), tungsten carbide (HW) and solid tungsten carbide (HWM).

Router bits or cutters with a shank are used on CNC machining centres to carry out different types of machining operation such as profiling, sizing, boring, shaping, grooves.

There are different types of router bits for machining panels in the furniture industry, made of polycrystalline diamond, tungsten carbide, solid tungsten carbide.

Router bits made of polycrystalline diamond (DP)

Router bits made of polycrystalline diamond consist of a body in HW or HWM, on which small DP tips are braze-welded. Their long cutting life makes them particularly suitable for repeated operations on chipboard, MDF, melamine, plywood and coated plywood, HPL and CORIAN, guaranteeing high quality results throughout the whole production cycle.

Router bits made of tungsten carbide (HW) or solid tungsten carbide (HWM)

In router bits in tungsten carbide or solid tungsten carbide, the cutting edge is made of the same material as the cutter body. They are recommended for machining wood types requiring greater chip unloading.

They are most commonly used in machining operations where the type of material processed in a single day changes frequently, and where a high quality finish is not required, because the cutting edge of tungsten carbide tools begins to deteriorate from the very first cutting phases.

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