At Wirutex, the drive for innovation
affects every sector of the business.

The stars of this process are the company’s avant-garde machines and systems, and the skilful workers that run them. Continuous investment in new technologies is fundamental, as these are used in the research, design, development and manufacture of Wirutex products. The fortunate pairing of man and machine, of ideas and applications, is the source of our most innovative tools.

The research and innovation activities that we constantly engage in have led us to achieve a number of exclusive patents which form the basis of the uniqueness of our products.

Fostering partnerships with our clients is a dual factor for growth.

Being partners entails drawing up agreements, setting incentives and encouraging the development of new products that can address the wide variety of production needs.

We develop solutions that are designed and perfected in our design centre and tested “live” by our partner company. As part of this process, both parties exchange knowledge and expertise, as well as future plans and forecasts. This is how Wirutex supports the development of all its customers. This is how collaboration becomes a tool for mutual evolution.

Realized products:


Q System - utensili in diamante policristallino

Developed in partnership with Biesse, Q-System® is a flexible “on-demand” system designed for the multifunction corner-rounding unit from the Stream edgebanding machine range.
Q-System® patented by Biesse.


Gladio - utensili in diamante policristallino

Gladio has been developed and tested in partnership with Colombini Group, leader in furniture manufacturing. It is our bespoke solution for Batch-One production. It guarantees excellent finish on various material qualities.

Smart Designing

We call it Smart Designing: our ability to render even the most difficult projects real and comprehensible.

Design is the jewel in Wirutex’s crown. Thanks to advanced CAD/CAM and 3D procedures, our technical department can reproduce the form and functionality of each tool with extreme accuracy; creating a design which corresponds exactly with the product as it will be once production is complete. This is an added bonus, and one which makes the subsequent stages of processing much quicker, as well as ensuring that requesting or developing custom tools or those already inproduction is much more straightforward.

Innovation | Polycrystalline diamond tools | Wirutex hi-tech tools
Innovation | Polycrystalline diamond tools | Wirutex hi-tech tools