Wirutex designs, manufactures and distributes polycrystalline diamond and
tungsten carbide tools for woodworking, plastic and aluminum processing centres. Founded in 1980, it is now a leading company in the development of polycrystalline diamond and hard metal components for quality craftsmanship and for the furniture industry. Since 2015, Wirutex has been controlled by BI.FIN srl, a Selci family holding company and a reference shareholder in Biesse S.p.A., as well as by Patrizio Pasquini, former R & D manager at Wirutex.

“All these years, I have worked with courage, determination and a sense of responsibility.These values need to be rediscovered and passed on to our youth, who are the future of our country.”

founder of Biesse Group and shareholder of reference for Wirutex

Giancarlo Selci e Patrizio Pasquini - tools for woodworking machines

Giancarlo Selci and Patrizio Pasquini manage Wirutex side by side: two generations of entrepreneurs unite, motivated by passion and conviction.

We produce innovative products and customised solutions for the latest-generation machining centres

The tools we create are the end result of a process of daily communication with customers and suppliers, and of the experience and technical skills that we use to satisfy real production requirements. This factor has led to Wirutex being selected as a key technical partner by a number of industry-leading companies.

Human capital, a priceless value

Wirutex is founded above all on people, our priceless human capital, where experienced professionals work alongside motivated young people to meet the challenges of the future.

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