Suction turbines

Suction turbines

Wirutex provides two different types of turbine for the suction of dust generated during nesting and routing operations on chipboard, MDF, thick plywood and composite materials.

Suction turbines for nesting and routing operations

Wirutex’s suction turbines for nesting and routing operations are a concentration of technological innovation. In fact, they are advanced dust removal systems that also act as a chuck; two functions in one single product to improve the quality of the work environment and the accuracy of the operations.

The Wirutex range of suction turbines consists of:


Turbinex suction turbine

Turbinex is a powerful suction turbine with 10 anodised aluminium blades, mounted on a special chuck; it’s designed to capture and remove the dust and chips produced during nesting and routing operations on CNC machines.

It comes in 2 versions:

  • with a standard stainless steel flange
  • with a stainless steel grille

The use of the grille version is recommended to protect the turbine and electrospindle from possible breakage, blockage or imbalance due to large amounts of machining waste.

Aerotech dust removal system

Aerotech is an innovative system that combines a suction turbine and a chuck for nesting and routing operations in one single product. In particular, Wirutex proposes Aerotech® Hydro – a hydraulic system ideal for machining operations that call for top quality at very high speeds.

Aerotech® Hydro is also available in a Plus version with a protective Faceplate grille.

The advantages of Wirutex suction turbines

The design of Wirutex’s suction turbines ensures the perfect channelling of machining residue and dust to the machine’s suction system, guaranteeing:

  • Reduced machine downtime
  • A clean work environment
  • Energy savings
  • Reduced tool wear

By eliminating dispersed dust and residue, Aerotech and Turbinex also improve air quality. This has a direct impact on the health of operators, as they are protected from the inhalation of materials that are potentially toxic for their health

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