Turbinex Dust Removal System

Turbinex is the turbine made by Wirutex for the removal and suction of the dust and chips generated during nesting and routing operations on CNC machines.

It is particularly recommended for use during the machining of MDF, chipboard, plywood and composite materials.


  • Healthier working environment
  • Increased tool life
  • Energy savings
  • Reduced machine downtime


Special chuck with precision collets upon which a powerful 10-blade turbine made of high strength anodised aluminium is mounted. Available with standard flange or with grille.

Correct usage data

It is advisable to keep the chuck and the turbine in close proximity, in order to minimise vibration.

Turbinex must never come into contact with the panel/material being machined. The optimum recommended floating height is 3-4 mm. To ensure correct assembly, tighten the ring nut using the appropriate wrench.

How to install the cutter on Turbinex? Watch the video

What is the Turbinex Grille?

Turbinex is available in a version with stainless steel grille. The grille prevents larger machining chips from entering the turbine, thus helping to protect it from potential breakage, blockage or imbalance.

When is it best to use the grille?

Wirutex recommends using the Turbinex grille on CNC machining centres with support panel, and above all when carrying out nesting operations on MDF or chipboard panels.

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With Turbinex, dust is captured and conveyed towards the machine’s suction system.
This not only helps maintain a healthier working environment, but also reduces the risk of breakage of the tool and the electrospindle.

Technical characteristics

  • Clamping system: Mechanical with EOC 16 precision collets
  • Turbine: 10 fans
  • Machine interface: HSK63F – ISO30
  • Tool interface: Cylindrical shank
  • Tool shank: 6-16 mm
  • Max. tool diameter: 16 mm
  • Turbinex diameter: 93 mm
  • Rpm: max 24.000
  • Balancing: G6.3

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