Aerotech®: Dust free Nesting and Routing

A revolutionary idea that facilitates the removal of MDF and chipboard dust chips during Nesting and Routing operations.

How? Thanks to the integrated function of precision chuck and extraction turbine in a single product, Aerotech® captures dust and chips, channelling them towards the machine suction system.

Watch the videos of Aerotech® in action

Reducing the machining dust also means:

  • improved health
  • greater energy savings
  • increased productivity
  • longer life for the tools
  • less maintenance

Aerotech® is available in the Plus version with an integrated Faceplate grille. Faceplate acts as a protective shield that prevents the chips produced by the machining operations from entering the Aerotech®.

Aerotech® Hydro

Aerotech® Hydro

Hydraulic clamping system with reduction bushings. It can be used with cutters with straight shank in PCD diamond or HM tungsten carbide.


  • D. Aerotech®: 95 mm-105 mm
  • Clamping system: hydraulic, with clamping bushings
  • Tool interface: straight shank
  • Machine interface: HSK63F – ISO30

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