PCD Boring Bits for hinges

Wirutex produces PCD boring bits suitable for boring machines, CNC and point-to-point boring machines which offer excellent technical performance. One of the most common processes when it comes to boring is creating hinge pockets. Also in this case Wirutex has created polycrystalline diamond boring bits in different sizes used to form the blind hole that houses the hinge pocket.

PCD boring bits for hinges

PCD boring bits for hinges

Polycrystalline diamond hinge boring bits for use on machines specifically for creating hinge pockets on chipboard and coated MDF panels. 


  • Adjustable centring point in tungsten carbide (HW)
  • Tips in polycrystalline diamond (PCD)
  • Parallel shank with driving flat and adjusting screw
  • Centring point h= 0.5 mm
  • Feed speed: up to 3 m/min
  • Max. rpm: 12,000

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