Circular saw blades

Wirutex hi-tech tools produces a full range of polycrystalline diamond and tungsten carbide circular saw blades for horizontal panel sizing centres, CNC machines and panel sizing centres with scorer.


Wirutex saw blades are designed and produced using the best technology available on the market; the noise reduction slots present on the body of the blade are created using laser technology to mitigate vibration and improve the quality and duration of the cutting during the machining operation, reducing noise significantly

All our saw blades are suitable for the sectioning of either individual or stacked panels of MDF, melamine chipboard, melamine, laminated materials and other wood compounds; they are also suitable for ripping, cross cutting, ripping and cross cutting.

Upon request, Wirutex can make specific saw blades for machining compound materials such as carbon, resins, corian, HPL and stratified materials.

The Wirutex range of circular saw blades includes:

  • universal saw blades
  • main saw blades for panel sizing centres
  • scoring saw blades

to which various types of teeth are applied including

  • alternate tooth
  • conical tooth
  • flat-trapezoidal tooth
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