“Useful design” for furniture and interiors in Food & Beverage establishments

IFI is one of the world’s leading companies supplying furnishings for food and beverage establishments. It was founded over 50 years ago as a small company that specialised in the production of bar counters and pastry and ice cream parlour display case. The company’s dedication to developing innovative products, which have become trend-setters in the sector, is the secret to its growth.

In 2005, the company took a step into the world of design with “Tonda”, the first round rotating ice-cream display case in history, acknowledged at the 21st ADI Compasso d’Oro industrial design awards; exported to over 70 countries, it is now considered to be an icon of Italian design.

In 2014, the company won the 23rd edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro with the “Bellevue”, a previously unseen synthesis of solutions, combining perfect storage and visibility of the ice-cream flavours on offer. IFI is part of the I.f.i. S.p.A group, which employs 350 people and manages 50,000 square metres of production facilities.

Wirutex IFI Italia Stabilimento

“Innovation, research and useful design are part of the company’s DNA,” confirms Gianfranco Tonti, IFI Chairman.”Over the years, we have developed increasingly innovative systems, thanks to the tireless work of our research and development department, composed of more than 30 professionals.
These experts have enabled us to create the most unique projects the perfect fusion of design and technology – whilst focusing on environmental sustainability and people.” “At IFI, technology is at the core of every single piece we create,” states Valter Tinti, head of the purchasing
department. “Each production line is dedicated to a single product family. Ours is a manufacturing process which targets efficiency, minimising the costs of production.”

“Wirutex has been our supplier for a number of years now” – continues Tinti. “The tools we buy are used across the various production centres in our fleet of woodworking machines. Wirutex technology guarantees high-quality products with a longer useful life; the investment meets our expectations fully”.

“Wirutex products ensure greater fluidity in our production process, and deliver highly satisfactory results.”

“Our collaboration with Wirutex means that we can now rely on qualified professional advice, as well as efficient, widespread service.”


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