Tools for Biesse Rover CNC Machining Centres

For nearly 20 years, we have been producing tools specifically designed for use with Biesse’s machines for wood processing operations. Our tools are used for testing edgebanding machines and squaring-edgebanding machines, CNC machining centres and Selco panel sizing centres. The close partnership between Wirutex and BIESSE has led to the creation of a series of Start-Up Kits, tool kits designed for tooling Biesse Rover CNC machines.

These kits contain the same tools used by BIESSE during the test phases on the Rover CNC machine. The various kits have different features, from the initial start-up version to the kit for high performance operations, offering the customer a range of solutions to facilitate and optimise the production process.
The advantages of the Start-Up Kits for Biesse Rover CNCs include:

  • Quicker production start-up times
  • Ability to test the finish quality of the machined panels even during the testing phases
  • Tests to ensure the quality and reliability of the tools recommended by Biesse, carried out directly on the machine

The kits are available in several versions:

  • HT Initial start-up kit for testing of Rover machines
  • HT Pro for testing and base tooling of Rover machines
  • HT Nesting for nesting operations
  • HT Nesting Pro for high-performance nesting operations
  • NESTING Pro Universal for nesting and boring operations

HT and HT Pro are the initial start-up kits; versions with basic tools for testing and initial tooling.

HT Nesting is a complete tool kit designed for testing Rover FT (Flat Table) and Rover machines with bar supports and removable Convertible Flat Table (CFT), which are dedicated to nesting operations with materials such as chipboard, MDF, plywood and other materials used in the furnishing industry.

HT Nesting Pro is for high-performance operations, and differs from the previous version in that it also has the AEROTECH SYSTEM E turbine. This kit is particularly suitable for chipboard and MDF machining operations.

NESTING Pro Universal is a kit consisting of specific tools for nesting and boring operations. The presence of the AEROTECH UNI T system – with mechanical tightening using precision collets – allows the use of cutters with a cylindrical shank.

Tools for Biesse Rover CNC brochure | Wirutex hi-tech tools
Tools for Biesse Rover CNC brochure | Wirutex hi-tech tools