Cutters for profile grooves
P-System® Lamello® Clamex®


Wirutex hi-tech tools has created a range of polycrystalline diamond tools (DP) and accessories for P-System® groove cutting and Clamex P® connectors made by Lamello®.

To obtain the P-System® profile, it is necessary to perform a profiled milling cut on the panel. This machining operation can be performed using a cutter with bore or with a cylindrical shank cutter, fitted onto a CNC machining centre or on the manual milling machine Lamello® Zeta P2.

Grooving cutter in Polycrystalline Diamond

Applications: For cutting grooves for P-System® Clamex P® connectors by Lamello®

Machines: CNC machining centres and Lamello® Zeta P2

Design: Tips in Polycrystalline Diamond (DP) D. 100,4 × 7 × 22 mm Z=3

Id-No. S15191

Grooving shank-type cutter in Polycrystalline Diamond

Applications: For routing P-System® profile for Clamex P® connectors by Lamello®

Machines: 5-axis CNC machining centres

Design: Tips in Polycrystalline Diamond (DP) D. 10 × 18 att. 12 × 50 mm Z=1 RH rot.

Id-No. ES0253

Shank-type adaptor

Applications: Shank-type adaptor for use of the grooving cutter S15191 on CNC centres

Machines: CNC machining centres

Design: D. 25 × 60 L. 91,8 mm

Id-No. S16163


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