The START-UP KITS for Rover NC processing centre tooling presented to Biesse’s NC processing centre sales and product managers.

The presentation of the Wirutex START-UP KITS for Rover NC machines tooling was held on Monday, 19th June, at the Biesse Headquarter in Pesaro.
In the presence of Giancarlo Selci and 30 of Biesse’s sales and product managers, Luca Tenti -CNC Sales Director- introduced the topic by emphasizing the commercial importance of this project, which extends the solutions offered by Biesse to support its customers’ manufacturing processes.
The START-UP KITS have been designed and developed by Biesse and Wirutex to enable the customer to start the production immediately after the installation of the machine.

The advantages

More PRODUCTIVITY: Wirutex tools are used for testing the Rover NC machines. This allows quicker production start-up times.

Better QUALITY: finish quality of the machined panels can be proved during the testing phases.

Less RISK: tests to ensure the quality and reliability of the tools recommended by Biesse, carried out directly on the machine.

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