Distinctive technologies for machining wood

Since 1969, Biesse has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for joiners and large manufacturers of furniture, windows, doors and timber building components. The company has also been active in the plastics processing machinery sector for a number of years, developing tailored solutions for a growing market.

Faced with a growing and increasingly demanding market, Biesse responds with continuous investment in distinctive technologies, aiming to achieve excellence across all processes, products and services. Biesse is a brand of Biesse Group, a global leader in the technology for processing wood, glass, stone, plastic and metal. The company has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (STAR segment) since June 2001.

Our CNC centres are extremely high-specification machines, and as such, their performance can be affected or limited by the type of tools used” – explains Stefano Ceccolini, Machining Centre Product Manager. “Our customers often expect to receive their machines fully configured, minimising installation times. This is only possible if machine and tools have been tested before delivery. Hence the need to work with suppliers who provide reliable tools and complete solutions that have been tested at our facilities.”

Stefano Ceccolini, CNC product manager

Fabio Romagnoli, Edgebanding Line Sales Engineer

“When selecting our technical partners, we evaluate their experience in design, their knowledge of materials and their ability to analyse and resolve the various issues related to production processes and the types of materials to be processed”, continues Fabio Romagnoli, Edgebanding Line Sales Engineer. “Our collaboration with Wirutex has allowed us to develop solutions to decrease the noise level of our edgebanding machines – a matter of great concern for our customers – without compromising on the quality of the final machining operations.”

“Wirutex is a dynamic, flexible partner, always ready and willing to work in partnership to achieve the best possible solutions for our products.”

“The Wirutex tools we use on our edgebanding machines provide our customers with a high-quality finish at high speeds.”


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